In Person Small Group Training Class 


Saturdays @ 10:30am EST 

Star Spangled Banner Park 

Brooklyn, NY

What to Expect


This class helps with strength building and muscular endurance performed in a circuit.  


Our goal is to have each participant walk away from the class feeling strong and accomplished physically and mentally for the remainder of the weekend.

We focus on keeping it moving with the exercises in each station so that we can target every muscle group in the body evenly.


Classes are 75 minutes, including mobility stretches at the beginning and end of all the circuits.


All you'll need to bring is positive energy, your focused mind and a water bottle.


Start Time: Saturday 10:30am EST


Program Options (Combine with Custom Online Training)

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In Person Small Group Training


"Circuit Saturday"


To reserve your spot send email request to [email protected] before buying your package


- 8 available seats per class 

- First come first serve

- Sessions must be paid in full

- 3 session package for $50 

- Sessions will expire in 8 weeks from the original purchase date if unused. 

- Cancel at anytime

Buy In Person Group Sessions Package ONLY
Fitness App Small Group Training  


"Circuit Saturday"


- Unlimited Seats Available

- Available on the Fitness App 

- 3 session package for $45

- Payments will automatically draft every 3  weeks

- Cancel at anytime

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